How to install Kodi 17.1 on Firestick(100% WORKING) – BEGINERS GUIDE

Kodi v17.1 is this might be new to you. And I know you people don’t have any idea how exactly to download and install Kodi Krypton on your Firestick TV Amazon with or without PC. And now for installing Kodi 17.1 is not a big deal as you think. Its very easy to handle if you just follow all my instruction.

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WARNING : Urgent Update Requried to Kodi 17.3 Krypton

I would say it is not that safe to be on the same version of Kodi 17.1 just because there is a security flaw within Kodi. And according to the check point software techonoliges, An attacker could also take the complete control of your Kodi device through the use of the malicious code placed within the subtitles. So an infected subtitles are also downloaded automatically without your knowledge on Kodi. So be very careful when you click on that infected subtitles without any knowledge, And here you will loose all the control of your device and the hacker will gain all the access. So just be careful with that.
So, To avoid this issue, Just please update your Kodi to the latest version (Kodi 17.3)
Learn how to install Kodi 17.3 Krypton on Amazon Firestick.
Don’t think that only Kodi will be affected, But also all the other media players like PopcornTime, VLC and the Sterimo etc like olpair kodi
So, Here if you got any Trust issues, Then just please watch this video and comeback to our site to follow my Further instruction. Everyone are welcomed anytime.
So, to upgrade to the latest version as soon as possible. So if you neglect, then for sure you will leave your computer device, or home network at risk. So just take care and think before you act.

Install Kodi 17.3 on Firestick – UPGRADE IMMEDIATLEY

Now you can continue reading the topic that you came for.
So, Here’s the complete tutorial of mine that which actually instructs you to get the Kodi (i.e. Kodi 17.1 Krypton). Now it is possible to follow in two different ways. Either by using ES File Explorer or the Downloader app, and now here you can install Kodi 17.1 on your Amazon Fire Stick. So just jump onto the topic now from here.

How To Install Kodi 17.1 on Amazon Fire TV Stick using ES File Explorer

Steps to install Kodi 17.1 on Firestick using ES File Explorer

  • Now Launch Amazon Firestick.
  • Just Select Setting.
  • And Select Device.

Install Kodi 17.3 on Amazon Firestick

  • Click on Developer Options.

Kodi Developer Options

  • And then just tap on Apps from Unknown Sources and ADB Debugging to enable this setting on your Kodi 17.1.

Kodi 17.1 Indtall

  • Once when you turned this feature on, There you will get a warning message stating “When you use application from unknown sources, then your Amazon Fire Stick and the personal data are very less secure and there is a big risk of unexpected behavior. So if you agree that you are whole and sole responsible for any sort of damage to your device or the any kind of loss of data then that may result from using these applications”.

  • Here , just Select Turn On to agree.
  • Now, Just go back to the Fires Stick TV home screen and then just select Search.
  • And now on the search field, type ES File Explorer and just hit the enter button.

  • And then search result will show you the available application and then you can just search for the ES File Explorer file.
  • And now select the ES File Explorer.

  • Now, Just select the Download.

  • Select Open.

Install ES File Explorer On Kodi App

  • Here, a new window pop-ups by showing ES File Explorer home screen as shown below.

ES File Explorer Kodi

  • Then, Select Favorite.
  • Select Add.
  • Now, here it may ask, you to fill the path name and the URL field.


  • Now, Enter the path as https:// and just name as Kodi.
  • And tap Add.
  • Now here a Kodi File has been added and then you can find this on the left-hand panel side of your ES File Explore.
  • Now, Just scroll down the menu and then select Kodi (i.e. the name which you have given for your path)
  • And by doing that, there you will get an official Kodi download page on the screen as just shown below.

Download Kodi App

  • Now, just scroll down the page and there you will see the image like this. And here, you can’t make a selection or any highlight any of those device link. So, just scroll down again.

Kodi App Download

  • And Now, just select here under the topic: Older Releases.

  • And A new window pop – ups on the screen. Then select android/

Install Firestick On Kodi

  • Select arm/

Install krypton 17.1

  • Then, just select Kodi -17.1- Krypton-armeabi-v7a.apk.

Kodi 17.1 Krypton

  • Now here, your download will get started and now it shown on the screen in front of you.
  • And after downloading Kodi 17.1, then just select Open file.

kodi 17.1

  • Now click Install.

kodi install on amazon firestick

  • And Now here, your installation process will get proceed. And now this may take a few minutes to complete the process. So just stay back until it gets finished.
  • Then, just select open.

kodi app install

  • And that’s it now, Here you have your Kodi 17.1 Krypton on your Firestick TV. And you have successfully completed the whole process.
  • Now here you can stream your pouplar videos on Kodi 17.1 and also, you can download several add-ons on your Amazon Fire TV.

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Steps to install Kodi 17.1 on Firestick using Downloader

  • Now, Turn on your Firestick.
  • Click on Setting.
  • Tap on System.
  • Now select Developer Options.
  • And Now, just tap on Apps from unknown sources and ADB Debugging to just turn ON. And by doing this, here you will be allowed to the installation of unknown sources on your Firestick TV.
  • So, once you have enabled, then just go back to the home screen and then select the Search.
  • Now on the search bar, Type Downloader and then hit on the enter button.
  • Now the downloader application will also be shown in the search result. Then tap to open.
  • Then, just select Download or Get.
  • And now by doing this, here your device will automatically start downloading the Downloader app.
  • So, Once the file is downloaded, it will be directly stored under the Apps setings.
  • Now to open the file, just go back to the home screen and then select Apps, Where actually you can find this Downlader app along with many more other applications and that you have already installed it on your Amazon Fire TV Stick.
  • Now Select and launch the Downloader app.
  • And now the application is opened, Here you will be asked to enter the URL of the file which you want to download.
  • Now in the URL field, just type http:// to just straightaway the download the file by tapping the download button. And then you may start installing it on your Amazon Firestick. Nor you can just go to the official Kodi web page by just typing /download.
  • Then, Just click download button.
  • So, Once you hit the enter button, here you will be asked to open the URL in web browser. Then just select Open in browser.
  • And by doing this, from here you will be taken to the Kodi download page as just shown below.
  • Now, Just scroll down the page and then select Andriod.
  • Once you click on Andriod, here you will get the following page.
  • Now, just select ARMV7A (32BIT).
  • And now by doing this, your Kodi v17.1 apk file will start to download on your Fire TV Stick immediately.
  • Once the whole process gets complete, Then just select Install.
  • Then, Select Open.
  • Here you have successfully installed Kodi Krypton on Your Fire TV. Now start streaming it now.
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